Sell your Non-Traded Public REITs by auction


Create Auction

Create an auction by completing a simple online form about your shares. Information needed includes REIT name, number of shares, copy of last statement, and anticipated reserve price.


Ownership is Verified

An auction specialist dedicated to your transaction will verify the information you provided and confirm ownership of shares.


Transfer Documents Prepared

Once ownership is verified, your auction specialist will prepare transfer documents for your pending auction. Sample transfer documents will be available for bidders to review when your auction is live on the website.


Auction Goes Live

Non-traded public REIT share auctions display on the website and are open for bidding. Buyers with expressed interest in your REIT will be notified of the auction's start date.


Highest Bidder is Declared

At the end of the auction, the highest bidder becomes the buyer if the auction reserve price is met. Transfer documents are executed by the buyer and the seller, and purchase monies are sent to clearing firm.


Transfer Documents Processed

Fully executed transfer documents are processed by REITbid. Once the transfer is complete, the seller receives confirmation and funds are distributed to the seller.

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