About REITbid

Welcome to REITbid, an online auction platform that matches buyers and sellers of shares in existing non-traded public REITs. This platform is powered by FRE.com, an advanced and proven online auction technology that is user-friendly, transparent and designed to create liquidity in what has formerly been considered an illiquid asset class.

REITbid is engineered to be the most advanced and comprehensive solution for secondary market trading of non-listed REIT shares. This platform provides shareholders with an easy and competitively priced solution for liquidating shares, while also providing new investors the opportunity to purchase shares without the front-end loads associated with primary offerings. Additionally, many secondary market REITs have existing portfolios and track records of performance for users to analyze prior to bidding. Lastly, REITbid provides transparency for both buyers and sellers by aggregating up-to-date publicly available information for each non-traded REIT including dividend payment history, historic earnings, balance sheet data, and other key metrics.

REITbid’s auctions are operated and supervised by JRL Capital Corporation, an established securities broker-dealer registered with FINRA since 1981.

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